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1 Ionic Liquid Mediated Synthesis of ZnO Microspheres via Hydrothermal Method Online
3 Application of coupling reagents in Amide bond formation Online
5 Extraction of La(III) from Nitric acid media using PC88A and Cyanex 921 in kerosene Online
7 Assessment of Radon and Gamma Radiation levels in Tummalapalle Uranium Mine Online
9 A Study on Soil Fertility Status of Some Villages in Nimapara block of East and South-Eastern Coastal plain agroclimatic zone of Odisha Online
11 Effect of Silica and Titania ternary hybrid on the mechanical, thermal and optical behavior of the Polyimide Online
13 Evaluation of Ambient and Source Noise in a Charge Chrome Plant Online
15 Determination of Partial Molar Properties of Amino Acids in Aqueous Methanol Solutions at Different Temperatures Online
17 Thermo-optical Behavior of Liquid Crystalline Polyesters Online
19 Excess molar volumes and Excess Gibbs energies of activation of flow of Ternary liquid mixtures of DEHPA, Benzene and O-Xylene Online

Prof. Upendra N. Dash (Ph.D, D.Sc)
Formerly Professor & Head
Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India

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scientific community can do for you
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Associate Editor

Dr. Sujit Kumar Dehury, Ph.D

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